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Hypnotherapy for embracing life fully.

Through hypnotherapy, I help individuals overcome challenges and reach their full potential.

I will help you change your feelings, for good.

What I can help with

Explore transformative hypnotherapy and Havening therapy with Hari Vaudrey, your dedicated therapist. Tailored sessions are designed to help you overcome a variety of issues. Hari Vaudrey offers personalised guidance, empowering you with effective techniques for healing and personal growth.
A man holding hands in a meditation session
I specialise in providing relief from the torment of panic attacks and the relentless cycle of anxiety.
Two women in a conversation holding tea mugs
Time is a great healer, but we can do more to help ease that heavy burden.
Two women in a therapy session
It's time to silence that inner critic and turn your mind into your greatest ally.
A smiling kid talking with her mother
We can begin to change the way you feel about the rejection, isolation and humiliation of being subjected to bullying.
stylish couple hugging
If you are struggling in a relationship, it can be good to speak confidentially and get an outside, unbiased reflection on what's going on and where it's going wrong.
A smiling kid talking to her mother
Life as a young person, teenager or young adult is full of unique challenges. From the drama of friendships or “frenemies”, coping with the complexity of family dynamics.
    How I Help

    The methods behind your personal growth

    In my practice, I seamlessly integrate the potent techniques of hypnotherapy and Havening, crafting a tailored approach for each individual seeking profound transformation. Through hypnotherapy, I guide my clients into a state of deep relaxation and heightened awareness, allowing them to delve into their subconscious and confront unresolved issues.


    Hypnotherapy is a technique using focused relaxation and suggestion to address subconscious issues and habits.


    Havening is a gentle way to deal with emotional trauma, without having to ruminate on the worst time of your life.
    Hari Vaudrey

    Hari Vaudrey

    My passion lies in empowering you efficiently. I blend hypnotherapy with diverse techniques for swift progress toward your goals.

    I’m a registered NHS Hypnotherapist, Certified Havening Practitioner and an NLP Coach.

    I have qualifications in Hypnobirthing, trained in EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) and solution-focused hypnotherapy. I have a broad range of experience in general clinical hypnotherapy as well as experience in hosting my own training events and seminars.

    Prior to qualifying in hypnotherapy, I spent seven years in student development and mentoring at The Oxford Centre for Hindu Studies, Oxford University. Previous to this, I worked in communications, chiefly as a lobbyist for minority rights within the EU. I have an interest in science, having studied Midwifery & Physics for personal development.

    “I will help you change your feelings, for good. Things that you’ve worried about and talked about, but that don't ever change. Together, we can change the way you feel. Leave fears and worries for good.”

    What my clients say...

    "Somehow I just couldn’t get over my husband leaving me. I drank more, I was sad and jealous of his new life. I looked happy on the outside but was really very sad. You pushed the thoughts of him out of my head and filled me up with a new confidence I didn’t think I’d ever feel."
    - Paul Bervio, CEO
    "Seven years of panic attacks and you stopped them in one hour. Gratitude? No, it’s so much more than that."
    "After our session, I felt completely differently about the birth experience I’d had with my first child. It had haunted me for such a long time and affected my second pregnancy too. Thank you for helping me put the whole thing behind me. I’ve been able to find good in what was a horrendous experience."
    "My sleep has returned to a normal pattern. I feel like a human being again and I’m just so glad that those years of insomnia are finally over."
    "I can’t describe the frustration I feel having received the hour’s treatment with you yesterday. My flying phobia has completely gone, I wish I’d done this years ago (as does my wife). We’re going to enjoy our 25th wedding anniversary abroad this year."

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